Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wish list for Samsung Galaxy S8 S9 for 2017

Hi dear Samsung I was and am fan of yours and I have some suggestions for you

1. Don`t You think that Android has reached is limit ? (Ubuntu or Tizen )

2.Self Recharging Phones:
2.1 Transparent Solar Panel

2.2 Motion charger

2.3 Real Wireless charging

3.Magnetic Adapter Charger  ZNAPS

4. Blood Sugar  checker

5. 3D XPOINT  I think you can save a money and increase battery life with that technology RAM not need anymore

Thursday, February 28, 2013

NetBeans 7.3 Review

All we know that NetBeans for PHP is the best IDE compare with commercial or free IDEs
Some day ago NetBeans has released a new Version NetBeans 7.3 and its very fast and stable

You will find in internet a lot of  articles that write good word about NetBeans but I will NOT do the same thing .
  1. NetBeans interface is very very bad its not optimized to show a lot information's in less space
    1.1 It show toolbars (personally never used them and I have removed them ).
    1.2 The bottom bar show only the cursor position(Nothing you can do here).
    1.3 Opened files Tab is to big (I have moved them to left Note:there is a problem with long files name ).
    1.4 Does not integrate with Ubuntu Unity (will be a article soon how to fix that ).
    1.5 Dear NetBeans You have to learn more from Qt Creator and SublimeText interfaces ,
    this is screenshot of my NetBeans interface.
  2. Dear NetBeans a lot of IDE support Zend FrameWork, Symfony you should be a little different find new platforms to support like  Joomla,WordPress or Typo .
  3. NetBeans does not have any static analysis tool that finds coding mistakes for PHP like FindBugs for Java .
  4. According the NetBeans RoadMap the next major version will be after 20 Months are you kidding me ?
  5. NetBeans does not Support Python .
  6. Hey NetBeans your good and the best but You have a lot to improve .

Test from android

This is simple test from me Ervis Tusha